The importance of the right office

Pembroke and Rye first moved into an office in Fulham – well, a spare bedroom turned office to be exact. We quickly made the space our own, learning that a little bit of DIY goes a long way.

Modern art on the walls complemented tables covered in purple felt, within the week. We were at home and focused on the excellent client work we wanted to be famous for.

Our humble domestic office was a deliberate choice. It gave us a chance to build a team in close quarters and the time to scope out the right location for the perfect office we all dreamed of.

On a rainy morning in November, the very first commercial office we visited felt ‘just right.’ Nevertheless, we did our due diligence and visited another six.

But, nothing could compete with platform 1 of Victoria Station. It provided something for everyone; a fantastic break-out mezzanine, the allure of being in a classic station (home to the Orient Express) and an amazingly convenient location for many clients. It ticked every box.

We made the big move on 1st February, 2018. Packing up our Fulham home provoked nostalgia. The office llamas were covered in more bubble wrap than the Macs and the printers – cementing their number one status in our office.

You’ve never seen a team unpack with more excitement nor more speedily. We were set-up within the hour and soon after tucking into retro sweets provided by The Office Group. Work continued seamlessly.

As we get to know our neighbours, we now have an office home that helps us be more productive and creative than ever.

We are continuing to build on the team ethos we first set out to create in a bedroom in Fulham.

We are home.


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Pembroke and Rye
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Platform 1, Victoria Mainline Station