Introducing Kitchen Tales

Whether it is a delicate aroma, an arresting taste or a beautiful looking dish, food can trigger powerful memories.

Sadly, too often in our busy lives, we forget to record the senses that touch our daily living.

Hence, the communications crew at Pembroke and Rye, many of whom are great cooks, decided to explore the recipes in their lives that had a special meaning.

Kitchen Tales is a collection in which they share special moments and the recipes connected with them.

Many of the recipes are linked to family gatherings; others recall unforgettable destinations and loving moments, whilst one or two reveal the essential need to provide hospitality simply and quickly.

The flavours, technique and passion with which the recipes have been compiled provide a rich diversity and global flavours. Feel free to try them.

And why not try to recall the recipes that trigger special moments in your life. We would love to hear from you.

Please share your stories and recipes with us at

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