Welcome to Pembroke and Rye

Since we started Pembroke and Rye, the Founding Directors (Kevin Read, Victoria Naylor-Leyland and Charlie Hampton), have been spreading the word far and wide.

When we explain why we’ve started our own company, we’re typically asked three key questions:

Why Pembroke and Rye?

How do the three of you find working together?

What is your culture like?

In anticipation that you’ve come here with similar questions, we have sat down and shared our individual answers to these questions.

We share similar views on this. However, there are a few individual nuances that give more colour to our personalities and interests.

If you have time, please watch our video for the full answers.

To find out more or pose other questions do send us an email at: hello@pembrokeandrye.com


Whether you’re a prospective client, a potential colleague, or interested in what we do, we’d love to hear from you!

+44 (0) 20 3948 1214

Pembroke and Rye
Belle House
Platform 1, Victoria Mainline Station